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Posted by drew10 on Feb 1, 2012
Quarrel – Denki – Xbox Live Arcade

Quarrel – Denki – Xbox Live Arcade

Quarrel is a neat little title that marries all the fun of battling a foe into submission by defeating his army and stealing his land with the cerebral challenge of doing so by using your command of the English language.

The game itself is rather simplistic in terms of premise yet so charming, brilliant and addictive that it will have you coming back for more and more.

The game sets out a mass of land split into defined sections, equally handed out between the teams. Inside each of these sections is a group of up to eight soldiers and a flag. The idea of the game is to battle you opponent and seize as much of their land as possible until total domination is yours. During each players turn they have various actions they can perform. Moving soldiers from one area to another, calling reinforcements (this ends your turn), or attacking an enemy.

When you choose to attack you will be taken to a battle scenario where your soldiers will be standing next to the enemies troops. Now is where the word play comes in. You will be handed a conundrum of up to eight letters and you will need to create the longest or highest scoring word to win the battle. Another key to winning the battle is to have more soldiers than your opponent as every soldier is worth another letter. Therefore if you go into battle with only three soldiers you will only be able to create a maximum of a three letter word.

The letter tiles are numbered similarly to Scrabble but Quarrel is so much more fun than the classic board game. And you can forget about putting any old random jumble of words together as Denki have teamed up with Harper Collins to ensure that the dictionary is of the highest order. What’s more after each battle the dictionary offers the full definition of the words created.

Quarrel has a simplistic yet appealing visual style. Utilising XBLA avatars as your players and some rather cute soldier characters the look and feel of the title is endearing but never wows. Yet it serves its purpose completely and the animations of the soldiers using the word tiles to vanquish foes is various ways is great fun. The islands where you battle for supremacy are varied and interesting but really they are just backdrops to the main game board.

The games sound is of a surprisingly high quality. The music is a neat blend of Latin American, Lounge and Easy Listening created by Jack’s Hoose Music who have created soundtracks for Amplitude, Pop Idol, and even Enter The Matrix. The soundtrack sits nicely with the feel of the game and adds atmosphere.

Quarrel only works locally as a single player game, namely due to needing to keep your tiles secret. However online offers a chance to play multiplayer for up to four contestants at once.

Overall Quarrel is an excellent blend of two quite different gaming styles and it works triumphantly. It is bright fun and hugely addictive and what’s more you might even be learning stuff at the same time, shhh don’t tell the kids!

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