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Posted by drew10 on Feb 29, 2012
Smash ‘N’ Survive – Version 2 Games PSN/PS3

Smash ‘N’ Survive – Version 2 Games PSN/PS3

Big, fast cars and trucks, destructible scenery and lots of crashes! Version 2 Games brings us the PSN title Smash ‘N’ Survive.

Taking its cue from classics like Destruction Derby and more recently Blur and Split Second, Version 2 Games début on PS3 is a rocking title about driving and destruction.

The game itself is a mixture of all the games we have already mentioned with standard races and time trials to destruction and survival races and even plant the bomb sections. The courses are set up so there are multiple routes that can be taken to get to your goals. Along the way there is a large amount of destructible scenery that can be used to open up new short-cuts or delay or even destroy opponents. 

The races are fast and furious (no pun intended) and there are plenty of explosions to keep even the most ardent of crash freaks satisfied.

The controls are pretty standard with R2 used as an accelerator L2 reverse. The left stick handles the steering whilst X is your turbo. The responsiveness of the controls is surprisingly tight and in general works really well.

The games ten arenas range from very bland ovals to the more imaginative and original three aircraft carriers all in a line. To move from one to the other you will need to use the ramps at the end of the deck to jump from one to the other.

There are also thirty cars to choose from. There are speed racers, buggy’s and even six-wheeled trucks. Some come pre-equipped with death-dealing contraptions and most can be customised. Unfortunately the vehicle models are simply tragic. Most of them wouldn’t look out of place in a PS1 game and even that that is doing a disservice to games from that era. Okay so we get that this is a PSN title but it is visually very poor.

The quality of graphics is, in general terrible. The backgrounds are bland and lifeless and despite there being some nice ideas in some of the arenas the lack of time or polish put into the look is simply dreadful.

The cars can be customised as mentioned earlier but the customisations look like they have been drawn by a six-year-old and do nothing to add to the look or feel of the cars. You simply can’t polish a turd.

Add to that the awful rock soundtrack that has about one bar of gruff guitar (the likes of which would make even a WWE game embarrassed) that constantly loops over and over on every menu screen and this game begins to annoy very quickly.

In fact, so poor is the presentation that you get the distinct feeling that this is an unfinished title. At least that is what you would hope.

The only possible saving grace for those who can look past the terrible visuals and who are deaf is the two-player split-screen and the six-player online modes. Both of which will entertain, as in general the gameplay mechanics are pretty solid.

Unfortunately in a genre where Twisted Metal has set the bar pretty high Smash ‘N’ Survive has set it so low you could use it for the world limbo championships.

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