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Posted by drew10 on Feb 22, 2012
Today is VE Day – Playstation Vita News

Today is VE Day – Playstation Vita News

Today marks Vita Emergence day (see what we did there?) Finally it is a chance for all you mere mortals to get your hands on Sony’s new baby.

Already released in Japan the Playstation Vita has not really been tearing up trees in terms of sales figures where its predecessor the PSP is still outselling it. In fact by way of trying to boost sales of PSV Sony Japan are offering consumers a free service to convert their PSP games on to their Vita’s. Don’t get excited though this is a Japan only offer.

Some of the reasons being offered for Vita’s poor showing in Japan is a lack of Japanese titles with the launch games being heavily Westernised.

So what will you early adopters be able to play today well below is a full list of the launch titles.

• Uncharted: Golden Abyss
• WipEout 2048
• Reality Fighters
• MotorStorm RC
• ModNation Racers: Road Trip
• Super StarDust Delta
• Escape Plan
• Gravity Rush
• Hustle Kings
• Little Deviants
• Top Darts
• Everybody’s Golf

An impressive launch line-up and no mistake.
The Vita kind of also backs Sony into a corner. The handheld shows itself to be extremely powerful with PS3 comparable graphics. However this now means that the PS3 itself is beginning to look aged. The inevitable question if you can now pack the power of a PS3 into a handheld why would I but a PS3 and what sort of power are we getting in PS4.
With PS3 sales currently way behind the Xbox 360 in the US Vita could be the shot in the arm for Sony. It remains to be seen if lessons from PSP have been learned.

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