Posted by drew10 on Mar 21, 2012
Halo 4 Behind the Scenes

Halo 4 Behind the Scenes

Here is the latest peek behind the scenes on the development of hugely anticipated release of Halo 4. In this video the developers 343 Industries discuss how they have tried to keep true to the Halo feel whilst taking the game to a new emotional level. Whilst nobody would argue that Halo has been one of the greatest series in gaming history, Halo Reach was beginning to show its age and perhaps the new lease of life injected by 343 could be exactly what the series needs.Certainly a new perspective and some deeper, more emotional and cinematic elements will be most welcome.

Taking over from Bungie is no mean feat and 343 Industries are basically on a hiding to nothing but we wish them well and hold out great hopes that Halo 4 brings the series right up to date.

Here is the trailer…

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