Posted by drew10 on Mar 26, 2012
Latest RBS To Buy GAME?

Latest RBS To Buy GAME?

The BBC are reporting that RBS might be about to purchase the remaining GAME Stores. In a move that will puzzle many and, as not being a business analyst, myself.

So the bank that was bailed out by the Taxpayer not so long ago will then own GAME. It brings into sharp focus the reason why RBS were unwilling to enter into talks to rescue the group before administration. It seems like gamesmanship of the highest order and quite worrying when 2100 jobs have just been lost.

In an even stranger development, RBS itself (currently state owned) is looking likely to be bought by an Abu Dhabi consortium. So a bank that is up for sale is going to buy a company that it refused to help out before being sold to Middle Eastern owners. So two of the country’s most recognisable brands may soon be foreign owned.

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