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Posted by drew10 on Mar 20, 2012
New Kinect Star Wars Trailer

New Kinect Star Wars Trailer

A game that has some people really excited and others totally worried about its potential to be a great big pile of Bantha Poodoo is Kinect Star Wars. Personally I fall somewhere in between. Done well and this could be a unique and fun way to interact with the Star Wars universe. Done badly and we could be looking at yet another shoddy cash-in as Lucas uses his Jedi mind-tricks to prise more hard earned money from fans fingers. Wherever it falls this game is sure to sell like droids at a Jawa convention, everyone at G4A hopes it will focus more on the original (real) trilogy and leave the (shite) prequels well alone.

Some of the levels look interesting although the fact that there is a dancing section means we fear our prayers to Yoda will not be answered, especially as the Jedi master has now sold his shimmering blue soul to Vodafone.

Sod it I am now so angry with George Lucas for ruining my childhood that I cannot continue with this preview. Here is the trailer


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