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Posted by mrniggles on Mar 1, 2012
News 1st March 2012 – No Mass Effect 3 at Game

News 1st March 2012 – No Mass Effect 3 at Game

In a development that is bound to anger customers, it has been revealed that troubled high street giant Game Stores (including Gamestation) will not be stocking Mass Effect 3. In fact After the release of SSX tomorrow Game will cease to stock any EA titles.

The financial troubles of the retail giant (which also includes Gamestation) have been well documented over the last few weeks. The withdrawal of  sales insurance has meant that Game have had to ask publishers for credit on the stock or to pay for stock up front. Most publishers will not risk this credit and as such relationships between the store and publishers are breaking down.

Any Sony consoles now sold in Game Stores are labelled ‘Property of Sony Computer Entertainment’ as a precautionary move should Game’s troubles worsen.

In a move that is sure to alienate its core customers, anyone who has pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 through game will only be able to claim their deposit back as store credit. This seems a ridiculous move as it will only serve to push customers away from the store for future purchases.

Should Game and Gamestation be unable to pull themselves from this situation what does it mean for the UK’s high street in terms of video game stores? Well, all is not lost, US gaming giant Gamestop looks to be circling waiting to pounce. Gamestop posted huge profits in the UK this year from its online retail business but has yet to make its move onto the high street in the UK. Purchasing the Game group would see it move into retail ready units across the country whilst simultaneously wiping out a major competitor in the process.

It is a very precarious situation for Game and perhaps years of taking its customers for granted with high prices for both new and pre-owned titles, plus extremely low trade-in prices is finally coming back to bite and it is biting hard.

We will of course keep an eye on the situation as it effects every gamer in the UK.


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