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Posted by drew10 on Mar 15, 2012
Preview – Rocksmith – Ubisoft

Preview – Rocksmith – Ubisoft

All of you guitar heroes are in for a treat  as Rocksmith shortly will wing its way across the Atlantic to Europe. Not many of you will know about Rocksmith, but it is a game like Guitar Hero with a difference. That difference is the ability to use a real guitar. Yes, for the first time ever you will simply plug a real guitar into the special lead and that plugs into the USB port of your console.

Rocksmith’s magic is thanks to the exclusive Real Tone Cable™ provided with the game. The cable and software transform the analogue signal of the guitar into a digital one that can be heard through TV speakers or any other stereo amplifier.

The game itself is similar in style to the Rock Band style play but now you will be playing a real guitar. Apparently the game will actually help you learn how to play the guitar.

Even the most challenging of Rocksmith’s 50+ tracks (including Blur, David Bowie, Pixies and Nirvana) can be mastered with the help of the “Guitarcade” mini-games that develop techniques such as shifting between frets, learning chords and harmonics. Last but not least, the riff repeater will give them the possibility to replay a riff as many times as they need to master it perfectly.

On top of this the game is partnered with guitar manufacturer Epiphone to do a dual release of a Les Paul Jr guitar along with the game. The package will be £149.99 which isn’t too bad considering the game itself is £49.99. Both can be pre-ordered on the UbiShop.

We will be keeping a very close eye on this one especially as Drew plays guitar and could most likely do with the help!  The game will be released by Ubisoft on September 14, 2012 in the UK for the Xbox 360, PS 3 and later on Windows PC/MAC. In the meantime here is a trailer showing off some people giving the game a go. Let’s Rock!

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