Posted by drew10 on Apr 13, 2012
Skyrim to get DLC soon!

Skyrim to get DLC soon!

Bethesda have confirmed that the Xbox version of Skyrim (G4A GAme of the Year 2011) will be getting some DLC in the near future. Having already confirmed that the 360 version will be getting unique Kinect voice control features (similar to that of Mass Effect 3) the news that a full set of DLC is in development will excite fans of the game.

The DLC that Bethesda produced for Oblivion was substantial and added hours of gameplay. We can be sure that the new as yet untitled DLC will do the same.

In a press release the developer said, “Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work on creating the first set of game add-ons that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. This additional content will add new quests, locations, features, and much more to the world of Skyrim. Stay tuned, we hope to officially announce what it is soon.”

Whilst this suggests this will be Xbox exclusive and obviously it will be in terms of the Kinect functions, the DLC is going to be a timed exclusive.

There will undoubtedly be more news drip fed to us ravenous for more. As we get it so will you.

Until then here is the official trailer for the Kinect functions.

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