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Posted by drew10 on May 3, 2012
Fable Heroes – XBLA – Lionhead

Fable Heroes – XBLA – Lionhead

Fable has been an excellent series. Peter Molyneux’s baby where you could do almost anything and every decision had a consequence, except it never really did, did it? Still Fable in its previous three guises where vast exciting RPG’s with great characterisations and stories.

Now Lionhead (post Molyneux) have decided to take all of that, throw it out of the window and create Fable Heroes. This game is a hack and slash multi-player game based loosely on the Fable world, for XBLA.

Now, certain game franchises have split off into the download arena with total success, Lara Croft: Guardian of Light being one such example, so the premise isn’t necessarily a bad one. However Fable Heroes pretty much fails at everything it attempts to be.

For no particular reason, your characters are puppet versions of Fable characters. I guess it seemed like a good idea in Gunstringer so why not in this game? Well the fundamental difference is Gunstringer was a good game. The game game starts off quite promisingly with bold, bright graphics for the cute characters and backgrounds based loosely on Fable locales. And, let’s be honest four-player hack and slash games can be much fun if implemented well. In fact I had hoped for this to be a new Gauntlet.

The general premise is that you and three friends (whether real or AI) battle through hordes of enemies and collect coins as you go. The character classes are split in two with either range attacks or melee attacks. The controls are simple, two attack buttons, light and heavy and a roll button to avoid attacks. That’s pretty much it. Along the way you can open chests that give you power-ups. Some of these are quite handy like the one that makes you twice the size but mostly they seem to do very little to aid you. You do also have a special move but knowing when this is charged is impossible as there is no indicator for it.

There is also no challenge in Fable Heroes.If you die you simply carry, on except you are now a ghost. Being a ghost it seems, is very much like being alive except now you can’t get hurt or collect coins. You can still attack however. Find a heart when you are in this state and you become alive again. It kind of makes the game pointless.

The game’s bright and colourful graphics, an early point of credit soon begin to annoy. Enemies swarm all over the place and with three other characters and coins filling the screen, everything soon becomes a mess. In fact so much so that the devs have put a button to locate your character as a great deal of the time you wont know where you are.

When played with friends the game is enjoyable for about five minutes before you realise that added to the lack of challenge, the game never really progresses. Yes, there are the odd nod towards Fable with sections where you chase chickens etc but in general this is such a bastardisation of a much-loved franchise that you wonder if George Lucas might have had something to do with it.

You might still want to get this game due to some noble thoughts of loyalty to the Fable franchise, but if you expect Gauntlet you will end up with rubber-glove. One of the gloves that customs officers use and we all know what they do with them.

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