Posted by drew10 on Jun 6, 2012
Devil May Cry – E3 Special

Devil May Cry – E3 Special

Capcom’s Devil May Cry series has divided opinion. Some love it, some think it is repetitive nonsense and some simply are too drunk to give a shit. Well Capcom are trying to breathe new life into the series with this reboot of sorts DmC. The dev team tasked with this is Ninja Theory creators of Heavenly Sword and the criminally overlooked Enslaved. Their previous experience with these games should stand them in good stead to add some new elements to DmC.

DmC follows Dante’s early years whilst being set against a contemporary back drop. The son of an Angel and a Demon, Dante is caught between worlds but calls himself Dante the Demon Killer, you can guess why. His parentage gives him the ability to use both Angel and Demon powers in his attacks.

Ninja Theory will no doubt add much to the DmC title, using their undoubted talents for action and narrative. However, those worried that DmC will be too far removed from the originals need not fret either as the game development is being overseen by Capcom staff, including those who have worked on previous Devil May Cry titles. This should ensure the series moves on whilst retaining a continuity for the purists.

Check the trailer here:

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