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E3 Special – Ubisoft Releases

E3 Special – Ubisoft Releases

Ubisoft have released some information about their upcoming releases and like a randy dog against a rather attractive calf muscle we have been all over it. A whole load of titles have been announced with games for all consoles including six titles for the Wii U. The Wii U titles are Rabbids Land, ZombiU, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013, Assassin’s Creed III, Just Dance 4 and Rayman Legends. No screen shots have been released for these yet but we reckon they will be included in the Nintendo Press Conference and of course will shall bring these to you in good time.

As far as the current Gen is concerned, the ones that particularly interested us were Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Far Cry 3 and an entirely new IP titled Watch Dogs.

In an effort to make your lives that little easier we have collected a set of screen shots and videos for these titles and thought we would stick them all in one place for you. We love you, you know that right?

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

So in his tactical suit and goggles, and he’s more deadly than ever. He is the only secret operative with the power to act above the law, and uses ruthless methods to interrogate enemies in order to extract crucial information that will prevent the next Blacklist attack. Blacklist is a terrorist organisation who are a group of rogue nations have had enough with Americas world dominance and initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist – a deadly countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on U.S. interests. Pursuing the terrorists to the far reaches of the world, Sam flies from exotic locales to U.S. cities as he races against the clock to find out who’s behind the Blacklist. Thrilling gameplay is enhanced by full motion performance capture, creating a highly cinematic experience.

The game also returns the series to its roots brining back the gameplay styles that made the series so successful in the first place. Using new gadgets such as the upgraded snake cam and micro-trirotor drone which allows Sam to scout ahead, mark targets remotely, distract enemies, or explode with frag grenade force. Splinter Cell Blacklist is also bringing back fan-favorites like the sticky shocker, and for close quarters combat, players can wield the curved and brutal Karambit knife.

On top of this a new gameplay feature called Kill in Motion which allows Sam strike with lethal precision by marking and executing multiple enemies in one fluid motion. Active Sprint allows him to traverse the environment easily and fluidly, climb walls and leap over barriers in order to reach his next target while on the move.

It all sounds very promising and we are holding on to some major hope that Blacklist will be the Splinter Cell we have all waiting for.

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Far Cry 3

The third game in the Far Cry series is looking pretty damn impressive. Beyond the reach of civilization lies a lawless island ruled by violence. This is where you find yourself stranded, caught in a bloody conflict between the island’s psychotic warlords and indigenous rebels. Struggling to survive, your only hope of escape is through the muzzle of a gun.

The game promises a way to create your own FPS action and adventure. Customize your weapons, your skills and your approach to each mission, whether you favor intense run-and-gun action, stealthy close-up takedowns, or long range sniping. If this is implemented as well as we hope we could finally have a game that suits each game style.

The island itself, is promised to be a diverse island playground, from mountain ranges to swampy grasslands and white sandy beaches. Discover relics, hunt exotic animals, play mini-games, and travel fast by land, sea or air.  Fight your way through the island’s towns, temples, river ports and more.

You will also deal with an engaging and disturbed cast of characters as you take a gritty journey into the dark side of humanity, written by a Writer’s Guild award-winner.

Its no surprise to any regular reader of Game4Anything that we are bored of FPS multiplayer. However Far Cry 3 brings some innovative multiplayer ideas that rewards skill and team play. To level-up, players must support each other by boosting with battle cries, reviving teammates, and calling-in team support weapons. After each match, choose to punish or show mercy for your foes in fun and twisted ways with interactive cut scenes.

There is also a map editor that will allow user created content for some time to come.

Here is that impressive trailer:

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Watch Dogs

And finally we have a brand new IP, Watch Dogs. Described as ground-breaking (aren’t they always?) Watch Dogs is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The development team comprises of industry veterans from blockbuster franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow 6 and Far CryWatch Dogs promises to blend cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated game design into a realistic and living open world where players must use any means at their disposal to take down a corrupt system. Unfortunately at time of writing the official press release is not working on the Ubisoft’s site so details are a little scarce. We will however have more for you as soon as they fix the file!

In the meantime here is the trailer:

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