Posted by Liam on Jun 8, 2012

Microsoft unveils Smartglass, could potentially enhance your game

At Microsoft’s E3 media briefing the computer giant revealed a new app for smartphones and tablets called ‘Smart Glass’. Targeted for release later this year, Microsoft plan to release Smart Glass applications for iPhone’s and iPad’s, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android devices. Smart Glass is a way of sharing information between devices and enhancing your living room experience (so Microsoft say) and it is designed to work on the devices you already own.

Smart Glass was demoed midway through the Xbox media briefing alongside the new Xbox Music and Xbox Video services, which will be replacing the Zune Marketplace. However, Microsoft mainly demonstrated Smart Glass’ entertainment capabilities such as controlling your Xbox with your phone and watching a film on a tablet only to then resume it on the Xbox, there was one moment in particular that caught our eye. A short clip in one of the trailers showed EA’s Madden NFL game being controlled by a Windows 8 tablet, the user was able to change tactics, change players and run plays all from a touch-screen device, a similar thing to what we expect to see Nintendo’s Wii U capable of.

The other clip shown was a concept of Halo 4 and the benefits Smart Glass could give Halo players; whilst the demonstrator was playing Halo 4, he was also running Halo Waypoint on his tablet. This gave him instant information and up-to-date stats on the his current game. With SmartGlass, the gamer could also accept online multiplayer invitations on the tablet and go into that game instantly. SmartGlass has real potential to compete with Nintendo’s Wii U and what’s being called ‘the second screen experience’.

Sony also seem to be working towards a similar thing with it’s PlayStation 3 and Vita connectivity. This offers features like playing the game on the handheld and resuming it on the console or controlling the PS3 with the Vita on games such as LittleBigPlanet 2, expanding on it’s Remote Play features.

However, Smart Glass has one major benefit over Sony and Nintendo’s efforts… It works on the devices you already own; the majority of people these days own a Smartphone and with the Xbox now being the most popular console on the market, it’s something most Xbox users will have access to. Whatever happens with ‘the second screen experience’ consider us at Game4Anything excited for what the big 3 can offer in the future.

Here is Microsoft’s E3 briefing on Smart glass  ©Microsoft Corporation

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