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Bang Bang Racing – XBLA – Digital Reality

Bang Bang Racing – XBLA – Digital Reality

Back when I were a lad, bread tasted like bread, dogs were nearly all whippets and racers were at their best in the top down variety. Absolute classics like Super Sprint and Micro Machines enthralled us all for many, many hours. It seems that developers Digital Reality have taken it upon themselves to return those glorious days to us in the shape of Bang Bang Racing.

Bang Bang Racing very much takes it’s cues from the classics of yesteryear with cute, bright visuals observed from an isometric, top down perspective. This is a racing game that doesn’t set itself in reality or try to do anything too clever it is all about one thing, fun.

BBR‘s graphics give an instant indication of what is to follow. The cars are all plumped up, giving them a toy/comic appearance and bobbled-headed spectators sit in grandstands around the tracks. The quality and crispness of the visuals is excellent with the various locales all having a distinct look.

The game is set into three game modes, career, championships and free play. The ‘career’ mode is strictly single player where you progress through races unlocking new cars, tracks and classes. These can be used in any of the other game modes. ‘Championships’ allows up to four players to complete in a series of races set out in a championship style. ‘Free Play’ lets you chose which races you would like to play.

Whilst BBR starts off at a relatively slow pace with the ‘N-Dura’ class of cars it quickly moves up through the gears with’ Evo-GT’, ‘Protech’ and finally the very fast ‘Apex’ class. Each class has five different cars, each with its own unique plus point. One has better grip, one has more boost etc.

The controls are kept deliberately simple. Right trigger is accelerate, left is break (hit them together to powerslide through corners), right bumper ignites your boost and that is about it. You can change the camera from following your car to a more fixed perspective but its all kept simple. Simple but effective.

Each car has a limited amount of boost which slowly fills up as you drive, and a power bar that decreases when you are hit by other cars. Both can be filled up at the end of each lap by swerving into the pit lane.

Scattered around the course are oil drums which when hit, spill their contents onto the track. Hitting the oil slicks has the obvious effect but they can also be used to your advantage by catching an opponent in them and igniting them with your boost. Get caught yourself and it can set your car on fire limiting your performance until you can get to the pit lane.

Whilst the four-player split screen is fun the lack of online racing is a real oversight and a shame as it would have added some extra longevity. That said, the games it would gleefully call its ancestors never had online and sitting around a machine with mates is, in my opinion still the best way to enjoy mulit-player gaming.

Bang Bang Racing is a real harp back to the good ol’ days when racing games were uncomplicated and most of all fun. It is fast, funny and addictive. The multi-player works well although the addition of online would have added value. Overall though this is another high quality release from Digital Reality and one worthy of a purchase.





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