Posted by Liam on Jul 11, 2012
Borderlands 2 – Preview

Borderlands 2 – Preview

Admittedly I never completed Gearbox Software’s first entry in to the Borderlands series (Purely because there is just never enough time and always too many games to choose from!) but I have always found the game to be very intriguing. I’m a sucker for good graphics, if a game looks good, it will certainly catch my eye and I think that is one of the best features of Borderlands, it looks nothing like any game I have played in recent years; it doesn’t have plain boring buildings that explode and it’s not just another first person shooter with a boring single player campaign. It’s different.

So, Borderlands 2… I had the chance to play the game at the recent Rezzed Game Show in Brighton and damn it looks good. Take the first game, improve the graphics, improve the gameplay, improve the weapons and customisation; in fact improve everything and you’ve got a true sequel that moves the series on considerably. More importantly the game doesn’t lose any of that originality, unique graphical style or that gameplay that the game pulled off so well. Gearbox has even stepped up a level taking the popular co-op mode and making it 4-player (which we got to try out at Rezzed!).

I jumped in to a 4-player online co-op match, in which I was tasked with killing robots. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, just killing robots, upgrading and customising my weapons, teaming up with the other guys and killing more robots; and it was pure fun, one of the most fun games I have played in a while. ‘Challenging’ would be one word to describe the experience; to kill an enemy I had to unload a full clip and more from my gun, whilst at the same time avoid being killed, something most modern shooters wouldn’t stand for. If I want to play a first-person shooter that’s slightly realistic, I’ll play Battlefield or Call Of Duty and die from a couple hits but I can only take that for so long. Borderlands 2 is fun to play, it’s different and it’s another breath of fresh air in the over-capacity first-person shooter market. The game is out September 21st and consider me dead excited for this one.

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Video courtesy of 2K games.

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