Posted by drew10 on Aug 26, 2012
Hardware Review – Konnet Power Pyramid & iCrado Pro

Hardware Review – Konnet Power Pyramid & iCrado Pro

I must admit to being relatively unaware of Konnet’s products when they dropped though the cavernous G4A towers letterbox. I must also admit that the thought of yet another charging station for PS3 pads filled me with about as much joy as the thought of being subjected to watching X-factor between now and Christmas.

Luckily for me then that Konnet seem to have discovered something. They have discovered a thing called style. Many charging stations are functional and perhaps if you are around 16 wouldn’t look out of place in your bedroom. However being, well let’s just say ‘a little’ over 16 and with a wife to appease have a monstrous lump of plastic hanging around the place with PS3 pads hanging off it is going to be a total no go.

Enter the Power Pyramid, a stylish moulded black structure with clear plastic ports to hold your pads whilst they happily fill themselves with charge. It is a piece of design that has been well thought out and perhaps would not look out of place in a grown-ups front room. With four clear plastic ports evenly spaced on either side and its unique pyramid shape this is certainly a step away from the standard charges out there. Once a pad is inserted into one of the ports two light blue LED’s appear on the tip of the pyramid. The clear plastic of the port glows a subtle red whilst charging and changes to blue when the pad is fully charged. It really is a nice piece of kit and definitely the most mature charging station we have yet seen.

The Power Pyramid comes in three flavours, one that is dedicated to PS3, one for Xbox 360 and one that has two ports for each, meaning you can charge two PS3 and two 360 pads at the same time.

It charges four pads at once and it does that whilst looking cool, is there anything more we need to say?

Power Pyramid retails from £20-£40 online.


Also from Konnet in our box was another stylish piece of kit. This time for your smart phone. iCrado is a smart looking dock for your phone. Made out of brushed aluminium and curved into an attractive shape this dock is aesthetically rather nice. Linked to a USB lead it will connect to your computer from your desk. What would have been welcome would have been the ability to change the lead for a power lead. Also the USB lead itself could have done with being double the length. Still it is an attractive cradle for your phone.

iCrado is perhaps a little overpriced at £24.99



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