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Wreckateer – Kinect – Microsoft Game Studios

Wreckateer – Kinect – Microsoft Game Studios

When the Kinect was first released we had our doubts about the quality of the titles that would be accompanying it. The spectre of the Wii hung heavy in the air, the initial promise quickly replaced with loads of shovel-ware. Luckily the Xbox has managed, for the most part, to avoid this pitfall. Now Microsoft Game Studios and developers Iron Galaxy bring us, Wreckateer.

In a nut shell Wreckateer is a game where you use motion gestures to fire great big balls at goblin-infested castles to knock the living crap out of them. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well perhaps if you are under ten. However anybody over that is going to find this game ultimately tedious.

The initial levels see you starting out as intern being schooled by more experienced Wreckateers.These jolly folks will guide you through the various types of ammo you can use in your giant crossbow. Starting off with simple rocks you use your arms to pull back the bow and fire at your intended target. Each type of projectile needs different controls and many will need you to flap around like a bird in mating season to hit with the maximum destruction. Flapping your arms up will increase lift etc. etc. etc.

The pesky goblins will mock you as you try to raise their castle to the ground. A quick boulder in the face generally shuts them up. Also some of the castle walls have dynamite strapped to them and hitting this will produce some major destruction. You have a limited amount of ammo for each level so using each type to its maximum effect is key. To this end the game does have certain strategic appeal and some will certainly feel the need to replay it a few times.

Wreckateer looks nice, the graphics are bold and colourful with some satisfying destruction effects and the characters are interesting enough.

The sound is a mixed bag. There certainly are some substantial crunching sounds as your arsenal does its damage. However, the voices are terrible! What the accent is that the characters are supposed to be speaking I have no idea but it is ultimately annoying.

The developers of Wreckateer looked around the gaming universe and thought ‘What good games are out there at the moment?’ It seems they decided that Angry Birds in 3D with Kinect controls would be a good idea, because really that is all Wreckateer is. It is a poor copy of a highly addictive game. It is fun for five minutes and perhaps younger players may well get some extended play out of it but for me I will pass.

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