Posted by drew10 on Jan 5, 2013

We’re Back…. Again

So you know how it is, you build up a good following then something that is beyond your control happens then fucks you right in the arse! My old hosting company screwed my site.

So you move to a new hosting company, build a new site, create a new audience and everything seems to be going very nicely. Then the total tossers that used to host your site and still have control over the domain name totally fuck the renewal up AFTER taking your money. The result – G4A being offline for nearly 3 months whilst we struggled to get these total cocks to fix the problem.

After months of legal bullshit and complaints to various authorities we have finally moved G4A to a new company and we are back… again.

Hopefully this time we are back for good!

Is there anybody still there???







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