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Metal Gear Rising – Konami – PS3

Metal Gear Rising – Konami – PS3

Okay so we are a little late with our review of Metal Gear Rising but still I felt I had to write this review anyway and perhaps you will see why shortly.

Now like most people I was excited about Metal Gear Rising especially as it was coming from the creative team that brought us the incredible Bayonetta. Platinum games are renowned for their fast past and crazy action titles. They are intrinsically Japanese and this means their games generally make no sense whilst being a total joy to both look at and play.

Metal Gear Rising was supposed to be one of these titles and going by some of the reviews that have already been published then anyone would be lead to believe that it follows suit. To a point they would be right. Metal Gear Rising is an all new action/adventure spin off from the Metal Gear Solid series. Featuring as chief protagonist Raiden who has been popping up in MGS for a few years but has now been promoted to lead. For those of you that don’t know, Raiden is a Ninja Cyborg (what’s not to like?) and wields a pretty impressive sword.metal gear rising 3

Unlike previous Metal Gear games this is pure hack n’ slash craziness with a little bit of disjointed story thrown in for good measure. There is peace in Africa which of course is bad news for the Private Military Contractors (PMC’s). Of course no war means no profit so they decide to destabilise the region by killing the president and starting a war in his absence. Raiden happens to be guarding the president at the time and of course sets out on a tale of revenge.

To control Raiden you will need to use every part of the pad. You can run, jump, slide and slash. Or by pressing R1 you can do all of those things automatically by entering ‘ninja run’ mode. It’s kind of like street running only a little bit more stabby. At certain parts you can press the L1 button and this will focus your attack so you can hack and slash your way through armour in close up glory. There is a bar at the top of the screen that decreases as you use this. You can replenish this and your health by squashing the juices out of cyborg internal organs. I shit you not. Counter-attacking your enemy is also imperative and to do this you will need to point towards your opponent and press the square button at exactly the right moment. Once an attack is parried you can unleash some smack of your own.

Graphically the game is pretty impressive but nothing that we haven’t seen before although some of the mechs you need to fight are of some size. It all moves at a seizure-inducing pace and generally the game has a nice if slightly plastic-coated polish.

Now I simply loved Bayonetta and was expecting something similar to that but set in the Metal Gear universe. I mean, Ninja Cyborg right? What can go wrong. Well here is the thing. In a game this fast where you need to be able to face your opponent at all times to be able to point the stick towards them in order to block and counter their attacks, you need a camera that is rock solid. Unfortunately this camera feels like it is being controlled by an alcoholic on a boat that is resting on a bouncy castle on a jelly. metal gear rising 3Okay so it’s not quite that bad but you get what I mean. There is nothing I find more frustrating in games than the inability to vanquish a foe not by lack of skill but by broken gameplay mechanics and here we have the ultimate example. To get to the final part of a five  minute long battle only to get stuck facing the wrong way and no time to rotate the camera towards your opponent whilst he kicks the crap out of you is… well… bloody annoying and a fundamental issue with Metal Gear Rising. I find it hard to even play it for too long because of this, perhaps I am missing something but seriously, 9/10? For a game that has such a gameplay flaw? On top of that it has less than six hours of gameplay before it ends.

Metal Gear Rising isn’t a bad game but it sure isn’t the great game some have been saying.  9/10 you say? Bollocks I say.

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