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Posted by drew10 on Feb 25, 2013
Microsoft to unveil new Xbox in April??

Microsoft to unveil new Xbox in April??

Sony got a march on Microsoft after declaring that they would be last in the race to unveil the new machines. The Japanese giant unveiled the specs and some demo’s of their new machine last week.

Now rumours are flying around that Microsoft is going to reveal its successor to the Xbox at a press event in April. This comes on the back of news that they have registered the domain name

Games mag CVG claims that it has word from developers that Microsoft were caught off-guard when Sony held their event to unleash PS4 on the world. If the April date is correct then it is a strange move that will see Microsoft hold off the new Xbox until after the GDC in March where Sony are bound to be larging it up with PS4.

G4A suspects we will see the new Xbox make a tentative appearance at GDC but then a full-on all-American extravaganza at their show in April.

Whilst nobody yet knows what the next Xbox will actually be called, it seems the popular consensus is on Xbox 720. Also whether it looks like the mock-up shown in Xbox World (Seen above) we need only wait to April or possibly March to find out.

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