Posted by Liam on Feb 23, 2013

Sony unveil the Dualshock 4; Touch and Share

Late Wednesday night (for those of us in the UK) Sony took the wraps of its design of the Dualshock 4 controller accompanying that new PlayStation 4 system. Images of a prototype leaked just days before the event but we now have a final design to look at.

The basics of the controller and it’s familiar layout is still there; the PlayStation famous X, Square, Circle and triangle buttons to the right hand side, a d-pad to the left and two analog sticks in the centre. New additions include a touchpad situated right in the middle, similar to that on the back of the PlayStation Vita system, a mono-speaker and a headphone slot. Along the back of the control we have a charging slot and a LED light strip, supposedly for the new Eye camera to see like it does with the ‘Move’ controller. Interestingly the ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ buttons have disappeared, though the ‘PS Button’ remains from the Dualshock 3 controller. Replacing those missing buttons however are the new ‘Share’ and ‘Options’ buttons sat either side of the touchpad; I’m guessing the ‘Options’ button will be similar to a start pop-up menu we’re used to. The ‘Share’ button will be used for Sony’s new online network features, giving the user the ability to let others watch them play, send clips to YouTube, take screenshots and even stream your game on UStream.

Six-axis returns, though Sony didn’t make a big deal about that this time round. The usual trigger buttons are round the back and Sony claim this latest version of the Dualshock packs more rumble vibration than ever. The battery within is double the size of the previous controller, and it need be with all those added features, and the controller is reportedly heavier than its predecessor.

Sony have clearly made some improvements here, some that users have wanted and some that could be risky but we’ll see how it pans out; It’s Sony’s attempt to reach out to a more casual audience whilst also catering to the hardcore gamers out there. Unfortunately the PlayStation 4 system won’t support the use of a Dualshock 3 controller, so if you don’t like this new controller, you’re either stuck with it or we’ll surely see some third-party controllers introduced at a later date. The controller will be included with the PlayStation 4 system when it launches later this year.

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