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Special forces Team-X – Microprose – XBLA

Seeing a publisher like Microprose, known widely for Civilization, chipping into the XBLA pool is another sure sign that these games are not what they appeared to be back in 2005. We at G4A knew all along of course and Zombie Studio’s ‘action quenching’ 3rd person shooter Special Forces: Team X is far from any exception. Zombie Studio’s started off back in 1994 and the American independent company is probably best known for its titles like Spec Ops, Zork: Nemesis and more recently Saw and Saw 2.

Having worked with developers like Bethesda, Ubisoft, Konami, Atari and Activision, to name drop a few, Zombie Studios have come with gusto and placed the multi-player shooter gauntlet on the table. Even the most battle-hardened CoD, Battlefield and MoH players will find elements that match the other games, even though it is a 3rd person. Visually its a sight to behold with great colours and environments and using cell shaded graphics that are a reminiscent blend of Borderlands and the Playstation title XIII yet still remaining stylistically unique.

STXScreen06 copyUp to twelve players can compete as two opposing teams of either two, three or four. You must shoot, frag and stab the enemy team of special forces gaining bonuses for sticking close-by your squad mates. Otherwise you receive the ‘Lone Wolf’ bonus in which you gain… nothing. You can have 2 weapon load outs as in BF3, CoD and MoH. ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’ and both have their own skin type and colour schemes for extra customizable madness. There are stackloads and mods such as new scopes, bigger mag sizes and silencers, although you don’t find cool victory dances and sneaking behind people to snap their necks. What you do get is an unlockable arsenal The Punisher would be proud of. There is even a nod towards Doom in the shape of the formidable mini gun and… that’s right, a chainsaw. Cool perks like ‘attack dogs’, ‘resilience’ which gives you a defensive bonus and squad bonuses that can help your teams health regeneration, reload and fire rates also are present so you wont be loosing out on anything in other 3rd person shooters. Unfortunately there’s no local playability which could have been fun with smaller maps and system link for party play.

Before each match you’ll find a quirky and new way of choosing maps, instead of a rabble fighting over their favourite map you have a voting system seen in other games. Only here you vote for one of three segments of map. All three sections are blended into one map, giving this game map combinations of over one hundred, how many maps in MoH? Once in the match the controls of the game are easy to pick up and even easier if you ever played Tom Clancy’s Future Soldier as the characters interface with cover and even the characters motions are very similar. Running on the Unreal engine gives a quality we see in games STFX003 copysuch as Unreal:Tournament with large, well built and a feel of well placed familiarity.  Having the small squads per team mean you may need to stick to your guys like glue to rack up some points against more advanced players which is what makes this a brilliant co-op game. Special Forces Team X supports party play so 4 of your friends can buddy up into a squad and wreak lashing of tactical mayhem. And for 1200MS points it is worth getting all your mates on it.

Since we first saw the screenshots and trailer for this game our pants have been twitching like a rabbits nostril. Now we have gotten our hands on it, it has proved to be all we wanted and more. If you do not own this game then what are you waiting for?



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