Posted by drew10 on Mar 2, 2013
PS4 – Is It All That?

PS4 – Is It All That?

So after all the wait, all the whispers by blokes in brown macs in carparks and the rubbing of rude parts by little men with Sony tattoos, the PS4 has finally been officially announced.

The question on all of our lips is “Really, that’s it?” Well firstly we were expecting something a little bit more… well more. The previews of the games look pretty enough for sure but is there any real wow factor? You know that feeling you got when you saw the leap forward between the 16-bit machines and Sony’s original Playstation. Okay so we are more-than-aware we are unlikely to ever see that kind of leap from the 2D into the 3D era in the early 90’s but still… The PS4 has been in development for 6-odd years and what do we get? Probably a machine that will rival the high-end PC’s for six months. There has been little or no talk of custom graphic chips or proprietary hardware.

So what does this mean? Well it means that games companies will have greatly reduced development costs for one. When the PS3 was released the biggest gripe was how difficult the platform was to program for. Now it seems that Sony have opted for little more than a powerful PC based system. It means that if Microsoft follow suit then the Next Gen consoles will be easier to program for and to cross-platform games for. What it means for gamers is… well very little in fact. We are seeing no major developments in terms of technology, so far it appears to be more of the same only more of it.

We were hoping for more, much more. I don’t know how many of you out there agree but we didn’t want something that can transmit videos to Youtube. We didn’t want something that means we can use Facebook whilst playing games. We couldn’t give a shit about browsing the net, I can count on one finger the amount of times I used the PS3’s web browser. All we want is something that plays the best games possible and looks so good it makes you weep sexy tears from places we shouldn’t mention.

We want innovation but most importantly we want something to make us say “HOLY SHIT, Look at that!” So far what we have seen of PS4 is nice but after 6 years we want more than nice we want WOW.

Perhaps we want something like this video shows from Microsoft developments.


Get Microsoft Silverlight
It looks impressive and moves the game beyond the screen, whether this will be part of the new Xbox is anyone’s guess, but we reckon no if we are honest.

Or perhaps if we were really honest we would really want this…

[jwplayer file = “”]

Whatever this upcoming generation holds we know as well as you that we will be buying into it regardless. We are as sad and as insatiable when it comes to games and tech as we have always been and we love it.

Right so about the PS5….


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