Posted by drew10 on Jun 10, 2013
E3 Approaches: The Truth Is Out There

E3 Approaches: The Truth Is Out There

So it’s E3 this week and its time to prepare for a full on charm (smarm?) tsunami. Yes, this is probably the most important few days in the futures of both the Playstation and Xbox brands.

While the issues with pre-owned or borrowed games in the Microsoft machine have been well documented we are still yet to really hear whether Sony will follow suit. Moonhead seems convinced they will, as he is sure the publishers have insisted on this feature. We need wait only a few hours before we find out.

Microsoft have also jumped the gun in their less-than-inspiring unveiling event for Xbox One (possibly the dumbest console name since will Wii U. Especially as they didn’t want to call the 360 Xbox 2 so it didn’t seem a generation behind PS3.) allowing us a preview of what the console looks like. Sony on the other hand, has kept its powder dry with only a few teaser images of parts of the machine. One thing is for certain it will most likely be an ugly black box. Why change a winning formula huh?

For most discerning gamers (of course readers of G4A are such people) it will be the games on offer that will decide which of the gaming behemoths will they lay best part of  £500 on. Obviously we all know that no matter what there will be some, shall we call them gamers, who will be firmly entrenched in either camp and no matter what they will happily part with their cash to continue in the fan club.

Nintendo have this year shied away from a big glitzy media event in favour of a lower key do. They will be focusing on the titles that will be coming for the Wii U and 3DS over the next few months. These had better be impressive otherwise they will be lost in the groundswell around the other machines.

So soon all our questions will be answered. Will Sony have DRM restrictions on their machine? Is Keifer Sutherland really going to be the new voice of Snake? Can Microsoft really fuck up the launch of a console any further? What are the 10 exclusive titles coming for the XBO and will they be any good? Will PC owners ever stop acting so bloody smug? (I don’t expect an answer to this, although I kind of know the answer already.) And finally will the infinitely lazy G4A journo’s actually do any work over the next 7 days?

These are questions that we can but wait for the answers to. Hopefully the last one will be answered by the fact you get to read the answers to the others. More soon… Maybe.



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