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Posted by drew10 on Jun 12, 2013
E3: Next Gen Kicks Off!

E3: Next Gen Kicks Off!

So the battle lines for the next-gen are well and truly drawn and we at G4A are going to pick the bones out of how the two main press conferences went for their respective companies. Microsof kicked-off e3 with a very impressive presentation. We already knew what Xbox One looked like remained unsure as to how it would operate. Microsoft confirmed the gamers worst fears, that the machine would impose strict DRM restrictions meaning that it would not play pre-owned and loaned games. Still, the machine looked very impressive with good selection of great looking games and a great many exclusive titles.Xbox_Console_RHS78_TransBG_RGB_2013

Sony unveiled the PS4 for the first time and like the Xbox One it is an ugly black box. In fact the only difference between the two machines in terms of looks is that the PS4 has sloping sides. It’s games catalogue doesn’t seem as strong on launch pay as the Xbox One with far fewer exclusive titles earmarked for the machine. However the biggest cheer of either press conference was saved for when Sony announced that the PS4 would not the block used or loan games and it would operate exactly the same as PS3. This may turn out to be a massive coup the blogosphere is already alive with comment on how people are going to sidestep the Xbox One in favour of PS4. Sony were literally rubbing hands together with glee at the positive reaction from gamers. Then they dropped another massive bombshell when they revealed that PS4 will retail for for £70 less than the Xbox One and will have Playstation Eye included in the bundle. Whether Microsoft will respond to this is anybody’s guess the at present Sony seems to have stolen a march on its main rivalsPS4_05_tif_jpgcopy

So now we’re gonna some up how we think the the press conferences went in the time honoured tradition of a football scores.

Kick-off – Microsoft go into an early lead launching the press conference first and quickly set about showing off a massive line-up of hugely impressive-looking games. Many of the titles are exclusives and all of which look holly polished. Sony followed suit but in terms of sheer numbers and those exclusives it was Microsoft who had the more impressive game catalogue.

Microsoft 1-0 Sony

Looks – Neither machine can be described as a looker however Sony’s black square is slightly uglier than Microsoft’s, with its odd sloping. Both machines are ugly black slabs of plastic and look remarkably similar with one half slightly shinier than the other for us the Xbox One is the slightly less ugly of the two sisters but neither can get a goal here and it remains 1-0.

Price – Here is where Sony start to really put the game in gear announcing that in the US the PS4 will be a whole $100 cheaper than Xbox One. It is a bold move by Sony and one that is sure to ensure PS4 installs an early user-base. What it means in the UK is that Xbox will be £80 more expensive at launch. This could theoretically be almost the price of two new games or thereabouts. With this announcement Sony smack in two quick-fire goals to go into the lead.

Microsoft 1 – 2 SonyXbox_Consle_Sensr_controllr_F_TransBG_RGB_2013

Games – This has been a massive talking point ever since Microsoft announced that Xbox One would not be supporting pre owned games. They really did drop the ball on this One (gedditt?). Sony on the other hand kept their powder dry and announced to the biggest cheer of the day PS4 would support pre-owned games, the ability to share games or to give a game to a friend. It is obviously what gamers wanted to hear and has really put the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of how sales of the machines will perform early in their lives. Microsoft has yet to respond but given the DRM system is key to their strategy it is unlikely anything will change soon. So in this most important part of the game Sony of used a power play and go surging into the lead by 3 -1.

Microsoft 1 – 3 Sony

User Base – Sony have really listened to what the consumer wanted and delivered it. The cynical amongst us might say that they waited for Microsoft to shoot themselves in the foot before doing the exact opposite. Moonhead is convinced that Sony were in place to put a similar system in PS4 (he has no actual proof of this) but waited until Microsoft had revealed the Xbox One and gauged public opinion from that. Once the massive backlash from consumers and fanboys alike reached crescendo they simply announced the decision to keep their consoles DRM policy the same as the PS3. It is a master-stroke and cannot be underestimated. The affect this as well as the aggressive price-point will have  on day one sales of both Xbox One and PS4 is yet to be seen. The early indications from consumers is that it will be early dominance in the next-gen wars for Sony. It’s another goal for Sony taking the final score to 4-1.

PS4_10_tif_jpgcopyMicrosoft 1 – 4 Sony

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft can recover from these early setbacks. They may need an ealry price-drop if they are too claw back some of the ground conceded to Sony. The Sony execs must be feeling pretty smug right now (they certainly looked it at E3). They know they were the hands-down winners and their charm offensive has gone into overdrive with much of their online advertising really rubbing Microsoft’s nose in it. The American giant must respond aggressively if they are to get a foothold in the early exchanges. All-in-all it’s good news for gamers.

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