Posted by moonhead on Feb 11, 2014
Review – Olli Olli – PS Vita

Review – Olli Olli – PS Vita

Remember the days when you could not escape the addictive clutches of the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series before the genre became over saturated and abused by yearly updates and gimmicky controller add ons? Well if you do and you own a PS Vita you can rejoice in the 2d retro joy of Olli Olli, an indie title developed by Roll7 that recreates the joy of the Pro Skater games of yore but in a new and vibrant but strictly retro arcade style.

As with a lot of the current crop of Indie titles Olli Olli is very retro to look at with graphics that hark back to my 8 bit youth but with a modern twist. Essentially the game is a hard as nails 2D side scrolling platformer with Pro Skater overtones. As with all Arcade style titles the control scheme is all important and that old phrase simple to pick up but difficult to master is fully on display here. A simple press of the X button twice to get you up to full speed and you are off and running. To jump you need only pull hold and flick the left stick in different directions and upon landing press X again. To grind rails and other objects pull and hold the left stick whilst in the air again and release at the end of the grind. You can also hold one of the shoulder buttons before a jump to add spins. This simple sounding control scheme hides a large number of tricks and a huge amount of difficulty. The difficulty comes in chaining all the moves together a la Tony Hawks and the sheer speed that the obstacles come at you. There are a decent amount levels and added online high score challenges in what Roll7 have called the Daily grind. The tutorial is also worth a mention as it does a good job of teaching you the intricacies of the control scheme

olliolli 1The lo-fi stylings belie a game that is as addictive as any class A narcotic you care to name and takes the ‘just one more go’ OCD syndrome to ridiculously high levels. So high in fact my newly acquired PS4 and backlog of Xbox One titles have taken a back-seat to this little gem of a game. I know some will look at the graphics and just poo poo this title as it does not have all the bells and whistles of triple AAA blockbusters but these people are idiots as they will be missing out on one of the purest arcade gameplay experiences to be found anywhere. My only complaint with regards to this wonderful title is the ridiculously high difficulty curve but even this fly in the ointment only really adds to the overall charm of the game.

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