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Posted by drew10 on Mar 4, 2014
The Lego Movie Videogame – PS3

The Lego Movie Videogame – PS3


Welcome to Bricksburg a land where everything is awesome. A land where the citizens are happy, follow instructions and make sure everything is just right. They work all day watch ‘Honey where are my pants’ on TV at night and generally live happy content, boring lives. One of these fellows is Emmett an unremarkable construction worker who one day falls down a hole and discovers the Piece of Resistance which leads everyone to believe he is ‘the Special’ a master builder that will and free Bricksburg from the grips of Evil Lord Business and his plan to stick all the blocks together using the ‘Kraggle’, a tube of Krazy Glue, with no deviations allowed. Unfortunately Emmet is far from special and so begins the adventure.

The Movie is a wonderful romp with excellent social commentary and laughs a plenty but can the videogame match up to it?

We at G4A have always been massive fans of the Lego games and whilst the basic formula of the titles has changed barely since Lego Star Wars burst onto the scene, each new game has added something to the genre. The latest game, Lego Marvel Super Heroes was simply fantastic and The Lego Movie Videogame is slightly disappointing by comparison but legomoviethat is not to say it is still not a great game in its own right.

One of the Lego series most endearing features has always been taking the source material sticking it in Lego form and then basically poking fun at it. We are still of the firm belief that the games were better and funnier before they introduced speech to them, when they had a kind of slapstick appeal.

Now whilst I still think The Lego Movie Videogame is a very good game I will explain how I think it falls short of other Lego games that have gone before. Firstly it follows the script of the film almost to the letter. Certainly if you haven’t seen the film, playing the game will ruin it for you as each level is interspersed with long cut-scenes taken straight from the film. Added to this the games levels do follow the film very closely. Unfortunately this has left the developers with little or no room to add their own slant on things. Now don’t get me wrong the film is brilliant so following its plot-line isn’t as detrimental as a lot of other movie tie-ins but you still get the feeling that the game has been slightly hamstrung by it.

That said the game excellently utilises the voice cast from the film and unlike Lego Lord Of The Rings it doesn’t just use lines sampled directly from the film. No, in fact the stellar cast including Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt and Will Farrell have recorded a whole raft of script especially for the game. This helps to expand the game world and makes you feel more part of what is going on.

LegoMovieVGDec-610As I mentioned earlier each game in the Lego series adds something new and The Movie Videogame is no different. Each character in the game has their own special abilities, Emmet can use a drill to break bricks, Wyldstyle can jump high and hang off ledges, Vitruvius has a staff that he can use to help Wyldstyle reach high places, Unikitty can break rainbow bricks and also transform into a… Well actually I don’t know what it is but it’s scary. There is also Batman (grappling hook) and Benny a 1970’s spaceman who can hack computers in a Pacman-esque mini-game. You can have as many as seven characters in your team at any one time. A slight drawback to the way the characters have been designed

As in the film most of the characters are ‘master builders’ meaning they can create anything without instructions. Emmet however can only follow instructions. This means when something needs making from instructions only Emmet can do it. This opens a new type of mini-game where a kit is put together and you have to find the missing piece in order to earn a bonus. Because Emmet isn’t a master builder he cant build stuff from broken bricks within the game world but if you get him to try he will build something completely crap. It’s a funny and neat little addition.

There are also some rather large set-pieces including a great section riding a large bike and controlling a giant mechanical pirate.

The music is also lifted from the excellent Mark Mothersbaugh score for the film. The only problem with that is the length of the levels. Some levels go on for ages meaning that the score that was written for limited sequences within the film is looped and repeated over and over. This can be extremely irritating in certain sections and even lead me to turning the music off.lego610

Graphically The Lego Movie Videogame is excellent and rinses every last drop out of the PS3. For the first time in a Lego game the backgrounds, smoke, buildings and even fire are all made out of Lego bricks, as in the Movie. The characters all look exactly as they do in the movie and all move in unique ways. The cut-scenes are lifted directly from the film and suffer a bit with compression but otherwise the game looks great. Although this leads to one of this games major gripes, the loading times. Loading between levels is horrendous and can have you waiting for what feels like an age.

Overall The Lego Movie Videogame is a good addition to the Lego series. It follows the movie almost to the letter but seeing as the movie is brilliant this doesn’t hamper it as much as it might have done.


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