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Posted by drew10 on Apr 23, 2015
Tower Of Guns

Tower Of Guns

Do you have that one item of clothing; you know the one, the one that no matter how old it is, it’s just comfortable? It just feels right! Well now imagine that item of clothing was a game, a game that as soon as you slipped it on it just felt right. Well that game has arrived and it’s called Tower Of Guns.

Tower Of Guns from Terrible Posture Games (Joe Mirabello) is a strange blend of a classic FPS and a Rogue-like game. This means that the game is fast, furious, explosive, frustrating and insanely addictive.

The aim of the game is to get to the top of the tower, without dying in a single go. Sounds easy enough? Well except for the giant rocket spewing turrets that permeate every section of the tower. These come in various incarnations from standard rockets, to spinning and bouncing discs. Did I mention that once you are dead you are dead and it’s back to the start for you?

Okay so you may be thinking “Well okay I will just learn the levels and they will get easier!” Well no the whole game is procedurally generated so you never play the same way through twice. And when you die it’sTower Of Guns reset time. You may think you have visited a room before but it is likely that there are subtle differences in the levels you have played.

Upgrading your weapons is done through pick-ups as are perks and these are the only things that carry over from one death to the next. At the start you can choose one weapon and one perk to add you in your quest to the top of the tower. Generally the weapons are quite interesting from pistols to rocket launchers and the rather excellently named “Mini-LHC” or Large Hadron Collider.

Weapons can be upgraded and pick-ups can help you in this although they can also be downgraded by the same token.

Picking up perks can be very rewarding but being careful is essential because as easily as the game rewards you it can also do things like up the difficulty should you pick up the wrong thing.

And upping the difficulty is not something you want, Tower of Guns is bastard hard and requires some real old school strafing and firing to get anywhere.
The game has been marketed as a lunchtime FPS and by that they mean you should be able to complete a run in around an hour. This adds a degree of pick-up and play that has been sorely missing from the FPS genre for sometime.

Tower Of GunsGraphically, Tower Of Guns isn’t going to win any prizes yet it’s cell-shaded look has just the right amount of dirt and oppression to really add to the atmosphere and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good cell-shaded look?

The music and sound effects are effective without ever being astounding but the explosions keep you running that is for sure.

Overall Tower Of Guns is a triumph and priced at a penny less than £12 on Xbox live and PSN (Free this month if you are a PS Plus member) and should be played by anyone who remembers the good ol’ days of run and blow the shit out of anything that moves!

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