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Review – Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – Xbox One

Review – Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – Xbox One Is this next-gen remake just a trip to the plastic surgeon for Lara or a full blown overhaul? Since its launch way back in 1996 Tomb Raider has been one of gaming’s biggest franchises. Famous for its asset heavy female lead Lara Croft as much as it’s, at the time, ground-breaking mix of 3D...
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Game Connection’s demise

Yesterday we were greeted with the very sad news that internet based retailer Game Connection has ceased trading. Game Connection set themselves apart from many online retailers with their dedicated buy-back scheme and excellent prices. They were also responsible for the excellent Ultra Gamer service whereby...
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Game of the Year 2013

Game of the Year 2013 This year we are doing something slightly different with our Game of the Year award. Every year we usually pool our resources and then I spend about a week trying to work out which, out of the lists the G4A bods sent me were our favourite games of the year. This year I couldn’t be arsed so I have...
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New Stick On The Block

New Stick On The Block With E3 looming large and the rather uninspiring reveals of both the PS4 and Xbox One, we ask where now for the video games industry. If anyone thought the PS4 unveiling was poor then trust Microsoft to go one better and make the Xbox One unveil probably the most disappointing in gaming history. Now both...
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PS4 – Is It All That?

PS4 – Is It All That? So after all the wait, all the whispers by blokes in brown macs in carparks and the rubbing of rude parts by little men with Sony tattoos, the PS4 has finally been officially announced. The question on all of our lips is “Really, that’s it?” Well firstly we were expecting something a little...
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E3 Special – Ubisoft Releases

E3 Special – Ubisoft Releases Ubisoft have released some information about their upcoming releases and like a randy dog against a rather attractive calf muscle we have been all over it. A whole load of titles have been announced with games for all consoles including six titles for the Wii U. The Wii U titles are Rabbids Land, ZombiU,...
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Happy Birthday Speccy

Happy Birthday Speccy Today marks the 30th anniversary (yes you did read that correctly and yes you really are that old) of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. The little rubber-keyed marvel was designed by Richard Altwasser and Rick Dickson for Sinclair as a serious business computer that could be used at home. Featuring a memory of some...
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Skyrim to get DLC soon!

Skyrim to get DLC soon! Bethesda have confirmed that the Xbox version of Skyrim (G4A GAme of the Year 2011) will be getting some DLC in the near future. Having already confirmed that the 360 version will be getting unique Kinect voice control features (similar to that of Mass Effect 3) the news that a full set of DLC is in...
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Latest RBS To Buy GAME?

Latest RBS To Buy GAME? The BBC are reporting that RBS might be about to purchase the remaining GAME Stores. In a move that will puzzle many and, as not being a business analyst, myself. So the bank that was bailed out by the Taxpayer not so long ago will then own GAME. It brings into sharp focus the reason why RBS were unwilling...
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GAME – What Really Happened?

GAME – What Really Happened? So it now looks like GAME Stores Group is gone and it is a travesty. It is a travesty for all the 6000 employees who will be out of work. It is a travesty that the monopolies commission failed to act when they bought out Gamestation. It is a travesty that the very presence of GAME as a brand in the high...
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