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Halo 4 Behind the Scenes

Halo 4 Behind the Scenes Here is the latest peek behind the scenes on the development of hugely anticipated release of Halo 4. In this video the developers 343 Industries discuss how they have tried to keep true to the Halo feel whilst taking the game to a new emotional level. Whilst nobody would argue that Halo has been one of the...
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Game Enters Administration

Game Enters Administration Retailer Game Group officially entered administration today although, for the time being at least, the company will continue to operate as normal. Recent positive stories of take-overs have proved to be a false dawn with the company’s board now concluding that the end is in sight. A company statement...
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Capcom Get Dragon-Punched

Capcom Get Dragon-Punched Hackers have unlocked 12 characters that were locked away on the retail disc of Street Fighter X Tekken. A total of 12 fighters, Blanka, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Guy, Sakura,  Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Jack, Lars Alexandersson, and Lei Wulong, were included on the disc that was meant to...
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Preview – Rocksmith – Ubisoft

Preview – Rocksmith – Ubisoft All of you guitar heroes are in for a treat  as Rocksmith shortly will wing its way across the Atlantic to Europe. Not many of you will know about Rocksmith, but it is a game like Guitar Hero with a difference. That difference is the ability to use a real guitar. Yes, for the first time ever you will simply...
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Shoot Many Robots – Demiurge Studios – XBLA

Shoot Many Robots – Demiurge Studios – XBLA It was some time ago that Tomorrow’s World claimed we would all have robot butlers by 1995. Well it is now 2012 and robots are yet to either help us out or destroy us all. So far robots have been pretty useless, so much so in fact that I just want to blast the bastards. If only I was armed with massive...
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It looks like Game’s Over as Shares Slide

It looks like Game’s Over as Shares Slide Troubled retail chain, Game Group looks doomed as shares plummeted this week and senior staff were told to prepare for administration. After EA stopped supplying stock other companies are sure to follow suit fearing they will lose any unpaid stock which would be sold off by administrators. Game are currently...
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A special ‘Thank You’ to M2 Hosting!

A special ‘Thank You’ to M2 Hosting! Those of you that have been following Game4anything for some time will know that recently we have had more than a little trouble with the quality of our hosting company. For the last 3 months our site has been plagued with constant crashing thanks to the awful hosting company. So we just want to say thank...
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Console Cold Wars

Console Cold Wars Following on from Sony categorically stating that there would be no PS4 reveal in 2012, Microsoft have come out to follow suit. Despite all the rumours and much pant twitching from fans we will apparently see no new Xbox this year. Some bloke from Microsoft in France (Cedrick Delmax, Microsoft France...
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Mass Effect 3 Demo Release Date Announced

Mass Effect 3 Demo Release Date Announced Bioware has announced the release date of the Mass Effect 3 demo along with a new video that shows how Kinect owners will be able to interact with the game. We must say it looks pretty impressive, although the  section of people reeling off Microsoft’s slogan “Better with Kinect” is simply...
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The Next-Gen Is Less Than A Year Away.

The Next-Gen Is Less Than A Year Away. As always the internet is rife with rumours about the next Xbox or Playstation. With Nintendo having already confirmed its next console the WiiU will release next year blogs and websites are full of speculation about Microsoft and Sony’s next machines. Earlier this week Edge Online claimed to have...
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