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Legend of Kay Anniversary – Wii U

Legend of Kay Anniversary – Wii U Legend of Kay Anniversary – Wii U Back in the days of the PS2, the 3D platformer was a staple part of the gaming diet. Whether it was Crash Bandicoot or Jak & Daxter or any of the other hundreds of games in the genre you could be sure to find one you liked. Legend of Kay was one such game, 10 years...
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Q.U.B.E Directors Cut

Q.U.B.E Directors Cut The original Q.U.B.E. (‘Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion’) was a very good little puzzle game that perhaps lacked a little personality. It seems this was a view shared by the games creators Toxic Games as we now have the definitive ‘director’s cut’ edition. Featuring all...
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Tower Of Guns

Tower Of Guns Do you have that one item of clothing; you know the one, the one that no matter how old it is, it’s just comfortable? It just feels right! Well now imagine that item of clothing was a game, a game that as soon as you slipped it on it just felt right. Well that game has arrived and it’s called Tower Of...
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Batman: Arkham Knight Preview

Batman: Arkham Knight Preview Okay so it’s not so much a preview as just a way to collect together all the really cool things we know so far about – what we now know is, sadly the last instalment of the Arkham series – Batman: Arkham Knight. This latest instalment is set to raise the bar so high we reckon it will kiss...
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Manga Studio 5 EX

Manga Studio 5 EX Regular readers will know that from time-to-time we dip our hairy little toes into the world of PC/Mac programs that will think will interest you. Today is one of those days. Manga Studio 5 EX is a digital art/comic creation program from the guys at Smith Micro. This is a feature-rich graphics creation...
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Special forces Team-X – Microprose – XBLA

Special forces Team-X – Microprose – XBLA Seeing a publisher like Microprose, known widely for Civilization, chipping into the XBLA pool is another sure sign that these games are not what they appeared to be back in 2005. We at G4A knew all along of course and Zombie Studio’s ‘action quenching’ 3rd person shooter Special Forces:...
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Borderlands 2 – Preview

Borderlands 2 – Preview Admittedly I never completed Gearbox Software’s first entry in to the Borderlands series (Purely because there is just never enough time and always too many games to choose from!) but I have always found the game to be very intriguing. I’m a sucker for good graphics, if a game looks good, it will...
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Dogfight 1942 Preview – City Interactive

Dogfight 1942 Preview – City Interactive Following on from what can only be considered as a brilliant E3 City Interactive have also announced their new arcade aerial combat game Dogfight 1942. As with their other title Alien Fear, Dogfight 1942 is due for launch on XBLA, PSN as well as Steam later this year. “Dogfight 1942 is the most accessible...
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Devil May Cry – E3 Special

Devil May Cry – E3 Special Capcom’s Devil May Cry series has divided opinion. Some love it, some think it is repetitive nonsense and some simply are too drunk to give a shit. Well Capcom are trying to breathe new life into the series with this reboot of sorts DmC. The dev team tasked with this is Ninja Theory creators of...
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E3 Special FIFA 13

E3 Special FIFA 13 So it is that time of year again. Yes, the annual update to the world’s biggest sporting franchise EA Sports FIFA 13 is just around the corner. Last years rendition was probably the best FIFA so far and hopes are high that this years game will improve on some of the features that FIFA 12...
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