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5 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Rob Hunt says:

    Great ‘old games’ exhibition at Horsham library !

    • drew10 says:

      Hi thanks,

      Glad you liked it!

      • Robert says:

        hey this is pirates34 i just wanted to say i cant play homefront i contacted XBL and they helped me troubleshoot thewn i had to contact THQ cause i srtill cant play andc comes to find out i have a profile bug that makes it freeze between THQ and havoc screens before you get to main menu so i cant play until this fix comes out for it but they couldnt give me an ETA

  2. Tony says:

    Drew — a tip — you should make your external links open in a new window so people don’t leave your site and get distracted by the new link. If they close out that window, yours will still be there.

    • drew10 says:

      Hi Tony, thanks for the words, still ironing out a few bugs and hope to go live 1st December. Still awaiting a new logo. Thanks for the heads up on the spelling of Brief I would never have noticed it! I will also see about opening the links in a new page, good tip that.

      We try to do as many top tens as we can. as well as buyers guides etc! Keep in touch mate!

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