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Meet The Team!!

Welcome to Game4Anything, a blog written by a group of video game nuts who became so bored of listening to each other argue about games that they decided to rant at you lot instead.

Our goal is to inform you of all the latest developments in gaming and to tear down some popular misconceptions whilst outing some of the idiots who pertain to be experts in the field.

So who are we and why do we think you should listen to our crap?

Drew10 – Editor

So called because he fancies himself as a bit of a Bergkamp but is more like Mr Blobby on ice skates! Drew has been freelance writing for games publications  for years without ever earning any real money out of it and now does it free anyway.

He is a self opinionated know-it-all when it comes to games and has many forthright views on where the gaming industry continually gets it wrong!

XBL Gamertag – Drew10

PSN – Drewswoman

Moonhead – Chief Writer

So called because his head is shaped like a moon, no really! Moonhead is probably the most committed gamer out there and his gaming general knowledge boarders on obsession.

Moonhead is also a self opinionated know-it-all where games are concerned and he and Drew have had many ‘lovely’ chats about games when their opinions have differed.

Gamertag / NNID – MightyMOON72

PSN – DazCarney

Eddie – Writer

So called because it is his name, not funny but true. Eddie loves fighting games and arcade racers and has some extreme views on the subject. Heaven forbid anyone trying to convince him that Tekken or Ridge Racer are shite!

Eddie is also an artist and when he can drag himself away from his PS3 pad he spends his life drawing

Mr Niggles – Writer

Mr Niggles rants and raves about all things games and sometimes his mouth can be a little on the offensive side. We hope he wont write too much foul-mouthed hyperbole but we can’t guarantee it!

The Game Badger – Writer

A new addition to the G4A slightly dis-functional family The Game Badger is so called because he is a badger that plays games, (probably best not to go into more detail on that one!)

TGB’s favourite games are FPS and sandbox titles such as GTA and Red Dead Redemption. He will fit into the family well as he is also a self-opinionated know-it-all when it comes to our favourite past-time.

We welcome him and hope that his articles will keep you entertained or annoyed, we are far too drunk to care really.

Liam -Writer

The G4A Next Generation starts here. Liam is a young upstart who spends more time playing games than us oldies who can only remember a time when games and football were all we had to think about.

What that does mean is that Liam’s obsession will serve us and consequently you very well. He loves everything Sony and is an unashamed Sony Fanboy and cant stand the Xbox.

We will obviously try to extol the virtues of multi-format gaming but we are not holding out much hope.

LeninCat – Writer

LeninCat has joined our team to bring all you PC owners something you have all been sorely missing. Yes finally all the wit and merriment that your console owner brethren have been enjoying is now yours to behold. LeninCat is a strange fellow and no mistake and you can be sure that his reviews will be filled with a rich creamy filling featuring all that isgood and bad in the world of PC gaming.

We welcome him onboard and thank him for being stupid enough to have spent 1000’s on new hardware!

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5 Responses to “Meet The Team!!”

  1. Eddie Richards says:

    Eddie is currently playing Modern Warfare 2. Gotta love those ‘Campers’ online. Assholes. When I opt for ‘Free-for-All’, I hope for it to live up to it’s name. Not to just run around while everyone else gets comfy with a sniper’s point.

    • Eddie Richards says:

      Also – I do like Americans. Honest. I generally love a lot of ’em. So why do all the leftover jackasses turn up online?

  2. moonhead says:

    Welcome on board Eddie good to have some fresh blood. Drew, as for my heed being the size of a moon, it is true I do have a very large bonce but it is not what it used to be after loosing 4.5 stone by using Wii Fit everyday. Anyway your just jealous because I have my own theme song. Altogether now “would you believe he’s got a head like a moon”

  3. Eddie Richards says:

    Happy belated new year. Whatever. Recently returned to the cold U.K. after 3 glorious weeks of Barbados sun. So I’m not happy. Still, I’m glad to get back to the reviewing, and away from the sketchpad for a change! ‘Keep ’em peeled’ (was it Shaw Taylor that used to say that?).

    • moonhead says:

      Happy New Year to you to Eddie. It was definitelly Shaw Taylor on Police Five, my Mrs has a very old story regarding a relative and some watches, still not the place for it hear.

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