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PS4: UK’s top selling console ...

According to UK sales analysts Chart-Track Sony’s PS4 was the UK’s best selling home console of 2013. Backing up Sony’s claim of the  biggest console launch of all time, the PS4 sold over 530,000 units in just 30 days. This meant the PS4 even outsold the entire years supply of Xbox 360’s. Fergal Gara, head of Playstation UK said: “We are delighted...
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Playstation Now!

Playstation Now! Sony has finally unveiled it’s long rumoured game streaming service at CES 2014. Called Playstation Now, the service will allow users to access Sony video games without the need for dedicated hardware like the PS4 console itself. In much the same way that the failed Onlive service delivered its content, Playstation Now will store all of it’s titles on a server and...
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Game of the Year 2013

Game of the Year 2013 This year we are doing something slightly different with our Game of the Year award. Every year we usually pool our resources and then I spend about a week trying to work out which, out of the lists the G4A bods sent me were our favourite games of the year. This year I couldn’t be arsed so I have decided to list the top five games from each of our team and then choose the...
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E3 2013: Ubisoft

Ubisoft had a storming show, showing off some great titles for the current consoles (Splinter Cell Blacklist looking particularly good) yet it was their Next Gen Line-up that really shone. The Crew – This innovative racer looks to be really setting the bar in the Next Gen stakes. When we’ve talked about open world before in driving games we have meant maybe a city. The...
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The Full Dark Sorcerer Video

During their E3 press conference Sony showed off the first half of a video by Quantic Dream called Dark Sorcerer. It is certainly impressive and running in realtime on PS4. Now Sony have unveiled the whole short and you can watch it here, all twelve minute of it. Its brilliant.
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E3: Next Gen Kicks Off!

E3: Next Gen Kicks Off! So the battle lines for the next-gen are well and truly drawn and we at G4A are going to pick the bones out of how the two main press conferences went for their respective companies. Microsof kicked-off e3 with a very impressive presentation. We already knew what Xbox One looked like remained unsure as to how it would operate. Microsoft confirmed the gamers worst fears, that the...
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E3 Approaches: The Truth Is Out Ther...

E3 Approaches: The Truth Is Out There So it’s E3 this week and its time to prepare for a full on charm (smarm?) tsunami. Yes, this is probably the most important few days in the futures of both the Playstation and Xbox brands. While the issues with pre-owned or borrowed games in the Microsoft machine have been well documented we are still yet to really hear whether Sony will follow suit. Moonhead seems convinced they...
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New Stick On The Block

New Stick On The Block With E3 looming large and the rather uninspiring reveals of both the PS4 and Xbox One, we ask where now for the video games industry. If anyone thought the PS4 unveiling was poor then trust Microsoft to go one better and make the Xbox One unveil probably the most disappointing in gaming history. Now both these behemoths need very strong showings at E3 just to get disaffected gamers...
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