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Saints Row 2 : PS3 Review

Saints Row 2 : PS3 Review Grab your guns and your biatches it is time to pay another visit to Saints Row. Developed by Volition, THQ’s much anticipated (read hyped) sequel is finally here and it has a huge amount of stiff competition just waiting to pop a cap in its ass, so can it handle the shizzle? (Cough! that’s enough of that now!) I was going to try to avoid comparing Saints Row 2 with GTA...
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Halo 3: Recon

Halo 3: Recon Bungie Bounce Back… Again!!So the ‘massive’ news that we have all been waiting for was the announcement that Halo 3’s sponge has been given yet another squeeze to see just how much more cash they can wring out of it. “Halo 3: Recon” is a stand-alone expansion that boasts an entirely new campaign mode that sees you playing, not as the fabled...
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Gaming News 29th August 2008

Tiger Uppercut!! In perhaps one of the shrewdest marketing moves in gaming history, those clever sticks at EA have turned a potential disaster into a stroke of genius. After previous reports circled the web regarding a serious glitch in Tiger Woods 09 that allowed you to play the ball from a water hazard by simply walking on the water, there response?? Well see for...
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Hello Again, Its Been A While!!

WE ARE BACK!!! Hello all of you lovely people in game land! Yes we know its been a while since we were here plying you with the best of the games knowledge we could muster. Actually we have been off in Peru, adventuring. You know swinging off ropes, diving off waterfalls shooting bad guys etc. And now we are back, slimmer, keener and badder (Is that a word?) than even before. This...
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GDC Update!!!

GDC Update!!! So news may have been thin on the ground recently but now the Game Developers Conference has finished there has been some interesting if not entirely suprising announcements. We will break down the biggest ones into consoles: XBOX 360: Gears Of War 2: Microsoft have some reasons to be cheerful after GDC with some BIG annoucements that culminated in the news that Gears of War 2 will...
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Is It Autumn Yet?

Is It Autumn Yet? So we really are in the middle of slow news time and we at G4A have been scratching around trying to find other ways to ammuse ourselves. But there really is only so much of that you can do. After all it is hard to hold a joypad with hairy palms. So we have been scouring the net for any articles or bits and bobs that are game related. Here is a selectio of what we have found. Some...
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Gaming News 07th February 2008

Gaming News 07th February 2008 More Mass Please In news that has got me more excited that an ADHD kid on speed and plugged into the mains, Bioware have announced the first downloadable expansion to G4A’s RPG of the year Mass Effect. “Bring Down the Sky” will see Commander Shepard and co battling it out in a new system with a new race called Batarians. (See image.) A Batarian extremist group has...
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Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 / Criterio...

Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 / Criterion / EA Since the Burnout series of racing games crashed onto the scene on the last generation of consoles it has always been the King of the arcade racer. With this latest addition, the first built entirely for the new consoles from the ground up will it retain its arcade racer crown? Criterion have always tried to evolve the series with each game playing markedly different from its...
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