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Gaming News 15th October

Gaming News 15th October EA Get Bigger I know this story is a bit late but I could not let it pass without posting some comment. In news that has shocked the gaming world it has been announced that leading publisher Electronic Arts has brought two major development houses in Bioware and Pandemic. The deal which is thought to be in the region of $860 million has brought EA some big future titles with...
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Interview With Durell Games Chief, M...

Interview With Durell Games Chief, Mike Richardson With the news that Harrier Attack II is out on the PC, I caught up with chief writer Mike Richardson, who now has the dubious honour of being the first person interviewed on Game4Anything. The author of some of my favourite 8&16 bit titles from the 80’s has recently set up Durell Games from the ashes of Durell Software and has agreed to take the time to speak to me about...
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Violence In Games Feature!

Violence In Games Feature! Never before has the media spotlight fallen onto the games industry like it has in the last couple of weeks. Yes of course we have had the usual knee-jerk outcry to stupid Americans shooting each other because they supposedly played a violent video game. But until now we have never had a real and, hopefully, balanced look at the effects of such games on the psyche’s of...
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Gaming News 10th October 2007

Gaming News 10th October 2007 Government: Are Games Good Or Bad? Finally the Government have commissioned a enquiry to look into negative effects that gaming has on children, specifically violent video games! This has been highlighted recently by the BBFC’s stance on Manhunt 2, my thoughts on which I will be going over in a forthcoming feature. Dr. Tanya Bryon has been charged with filing the report...
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Gaming News 9th October 2007

Gaming News 9th October 2007 Sony Offer Cheap Knock Offs! As written yesterday by Blogger Moonhead Sony have indeed confirmed that the cheaper PS3 will soon be the only PS3. This essentially means no card reader, no backwards compatibility with PS2, only 2 USB ports and a 40GB Hard drive! So they have cut the number of playable titles on PS3 by about 5000 and made the HD smaller, just to knock £50 off the...
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Gaming News 8th October 2007

Gaming News 8th October 2007 Sony Dreaming Of A Black Christmas! Sony finally announced what we have all known now for ages that there will be two new PS3 packages in time for the festive season. Firstly there is a new 60GB starter pack which comes with two games and retails at £349. There is also the new 40GB version which is not backwards compatible with PS2, has two less USB ports and no multi-card slot...
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Gaming News 7th October 2007

Microsoft Make Me Look Like A Plum! OK, hands up who feels like a prat? Just me then and rightly so. Only a few days ago I stubbornly proclaimed that there was no way MS and Bungie would be parting company, now they have. Yes Bungie have indeed jumped ship in order to produce new games for multi-formats. According to Bungie founder, Jason Jones “Bungie is like a shark. We...
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Halo 3 – The Verdict

Halo 3 – The Verdict So it has been over a week now since the biggest video game launch of all time. Yes we waited, we watched, we soaked up the hype and then we finally got our hands on Halo 3. The question now is was it worth it? After playing a weeks worth of Bungie’s last instalment of the Halo trilogy I have drawn up the following ‘post-review.’ Most of you will by now have...
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