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Gaming News 20th September 2007

Gaming News 20th September 2007 Halo 3 To Hit UK! In what is being touted (At least by the press office.) as the biggest games launch of all time. Halo 3 comes to the UK in a massive PR event to be hosted by US Megastar Pharrell Williams. Pharrell will be hosting the ‘Halo 3 Premier’ at Londons IMAX cinema on September 25th. The event will see the star take on members of the public and other stars...
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Bioshock 2K Games 360/PC

Bioshock 2K Games 360/PC Bioshock, 2K Games – Xbox 360 & PC Your plane crashing into the Atlantic Ocean can put a real crimp in your day; especially when as your only chance of survival is to make your way through an underwater city populated by crazed inhabitants. Inhabitants that basically want to suck all the juice out of your body! Welcome to Rapture the fantastic art deco underwater...
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Tritton AX360 Gamers Headset £79.99

Tritton AX360 Gamers Headset £79.99 Exclusive First UK Review!!In a day when game audio is of paramount importance to the overall experience, sticking a pair of headphones on can really lessen the immersive impact of the game you are playing. Fear not young gamer for help is at hand with the Tritton AX360 gaming headset. Featuring true Dolby Certified 5.1 the AX360 takes gaming headphones to a whole new level. Ok,...
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Gaming News 18th September 2007

Gaming News 18th September 2007 PGR4 Website Released The latest in the series of Bizarre Creations and Microsoft Studios Project Gotham Racing Series, PGR4 has just gone gold (Been completed and released to manufacture.) To celebrate this they have announced a new website which will have all the latest news on the award-winning racing series. Fans and new-comers alike can get their driving...
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Gaming News 7th September 2007

Gaming News 7th September 2007 Dragons Lair DS! Conspiracy have confirmed that they will be publishing the DS versions of Dragons Lair, its sequel and Space Ace for the DS (Dragons Lair, feathures in the most overated games top ten today.)  The Don Bluth 80’s laserdisk classics were virtually unplayable so it will be interesting to see if any gameplay tweeks will be included to make them more so. I once...
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News 4th September 2007

News 4th September 2007 Not Much news around today so here’s a couple of things I have picked up on! PS3 Gets Exclusive In news that is sure to please PS3 fanboys Ubisoft has announced that Free Radicals rather good looking shooter Haze is now 100% PS3 exclusive. It was originally down to arrive on PS3 first but now it is only coming out on Sony’s machine, perhaps. Anyway PS3 owners can get...
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Funny Video Game Films

1. Are games getting too real? You decide for yourself in this short film! [youtube=] 2. Street Fighter 2: The Later Years Part 1 Ever wondered what happened to the boys after we put them away? [youtube=] 3. Street Fighter2: The Later Years Part 2 The saga...
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Gaming News 3rd September 2007

Gaming News 3rd September 2007 BioWare finally get an Effective release date!After loads of speculation BioWare , creators of the great Knights of The Old Republic, have announced the release date for its much anticipated new release Mass Effect. The stunning looking 360 exclusive role-player/shooter has been given a November 23rd date for Europe. Good news indeed and if the KoTOR games are anything to go by...
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